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Harness the power of clean, fresh sourced energy - Sun and save up t0 $1000 on your utility bill every year with top-tier quality solar power systems.

When looking for a solar power system in Melbourne, you require high-quality, efficient solar solutions which could help you to save hundreds, if not thousands, on your quarterly/annually electricity bills. You may want to choose trusted, experienced, and reliable solar experts to install your solar PV panels. And we can be that for you!

Limitless Energy Group offers high-quality solar installation and scalable solar solutions in Melbourne. Being in the solar industry for 20+ years, our solar experts can help you with any query – from providing consultations about technical decisions to installing solar panels. Regardless of whether you want to install a new solar PV panel or require a maintenance check on your existing solar system, we have got you covered for all your solar needs.

How Solar Power Can Work For You?

- With rising costs of fossil-fueled energy sources and replenishment of natural reserves, more and more people are shifting towards using clean-sourced energy

- the sun. Since people in Melbourne enjoy sunlight almost throughout the year, installing a solar system seems to be reasonable. The use of solar energy has engendered the use of solar PV systems on residential and commercial properties.

- On average, Melbourne typically gets 6-7 hours of peak sunlight during summer, making solar the best option for residents and commercial buildings to save on their utility bills and reduce individual CO2 emissions. Solar PV panels absorb sunlight to keep homes well lit without relying much on the grid, thus saving thousands.

- With government initiated programs such as Solar Rebate Victoria, homeowners can receive discounted prices on various solar solutions - from PV panels, batteries, solar heaters to solar energy-efficient heating and cooling systems. The solar rebates help residents save a maximum of $4174 on the upfront cost of the solar system, which is almost 50% of the actual cost!

Contact us to know current Feed-in Tariff rates and Government rewards on installing a solar system.

Solar can be confusing. Take the guesswork out.

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What Type of Solar PV System Should I Install For My Home?

- Buying the right type of solar PV system depends on various factors. Your PV system should be capable enough to withstand the intense heat during sunny days and continue to work efficiently throughout colder days. Additionally, you should also consider the number of people in your home who will use solar energy. The energy generation of a solar PV panel depends on who will use it and at what time.

- Nonetheless, we recommend you choose Australian-supported solar products with the best warranties and excellent after-sale support for future assistance. We have successfully installed hundreds of solar panels and commit to delivering our customers with quality after-installation services.


What size solar system do I need?

This depends on the usage of your establishment. If you’re looking for a solar system for your home, you could opt for a solar system that produces anywhere between 4kw to 10kw of energy. If you’re looking for commercial uses, solar systems that produce at least 10kw is recommended. This is because business places often require more energy than households.

How soon will the solar system be saving me money?

Once installed, it’ll take about a month of functioning by the solar system for you to see any noticeable changes. It would start by slowly saving expenses on monthly payments of electricity by saving you more and more power. Once you learn to balance your energy usage, it should save you tons of money in the future years.

Is my roof suitable for the solar system?

Yes! The roof is the perfect place for any solar system fitting. Ensure that the system is settled on a flat surface and is safe from directly being contacted by rain. This means building a small cover over the system that does not directly obstruct the sun. This should keep the panels safe from water damage.

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