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The sun’s energy is limitless, and harnessing it is easier than ever for the residents of Melbourne. With our solar installation services, we can turn your home or business into a clean and green powerhouse.

Limitless Energy Group offers a full suite of services built around high-quality solar installation in Melbourne, Australia – from consultations about technical decisions to actually installing your panels. Whether you’re in the market for a large-scale solar panel installation, an update for your existing system, or even just looking to get one or two panels mounted, we have you covered.

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How Solar Panels In Melbourne Can Benefit You

One of the most common misconceptions about solar power is that it will always cost an arm and a leg. However, our clients in Melbourne have access to cost-efficient options that might even earn them a few dollars on the side. Here are three ways getting solar panels can benefit our clients.

Qualifies For Government Incentives
The Victorian State Government wants its residents to live cleaner and greener, and that’s why they’ve enacted The Solar Homes Program. Through this initiative, our clients can earn a hefty solar rebate upon installation. That means you make almost as much as you’re saving in the long run. Check out our page on getting a solar rebate in Melbourne for more information on eligibility and specific processes.

Slashes Energy Costs
When your home harnesses the sun’s power and stores it in one of the batteries from our trusted solar panel suppliers, you pay less on your electrical bill. The explanation is simple: you draw less power from the grid, which means less overall consumption – resulting in big savings over time.

Increases Real Estate Value
If you’re planning to sell your house down the road, installing solar panels is an excellent way to increase your property’s value. This can make it easier to sell your house, especially as buyers become more carbon footprint-conscious.

Limitless Energy Group |Our Services

Part of what makes Limitless Energy Group the best solar company in Melbourne is our full-service approach to business. Here are some of the ways we assist our clients throughout their journey to achieving solar panel perfection.

Access To The Best Solar Installers In Melbourne
There’s a wealth of solar panel installers in Melbourne, but finding the right one for your specific project is crucial for longevity and cost-efficiency.

Working with Limitless Energy Group means you’re getting direct access to highly-trained solar installers who have worked on hundreds of projects in Australia. If you’re unhappy with your current Limitless Energy Group installation, send us a message so we can make things right.

Consultations With Experts
Solar power systems have quite a few moving parts. As a result, the process of mix-and-match can be overwhelming to folks who aren’t comfortable with the more technical aspects.

Because we believe every client should understand the process and make the important decisions, we deploy solar experts to help them out – it’s all part of the process. With our expert assistance, we can identify your specific goals and devise systems to reach them, all within your budget.

Solar Panel Maintenance In Melbourne
Even though solar panels are generally self-sufficient for many years after installation, sometimes they need a minor tune-up to work at maximum efficiency. We can service your existing panels in many ways: repairs, routine cleaning, or even general check-ups if you feel something may not be functioning correctly in your system.

Upgrades And Replacements For Existing Systems
Limitless Energy Group wants all our clients to have the best possible experience when dealing with solar – that’s why we offer upgrade and replacement services to new clients. Our panels have the best efficiency rates on the market, meaning you’ll be getting the most bang for your buck by upgrading or replacing your current system.

If you’re looking to replace certain parts of your solar system, send us a message! Our experts can find a tailor-fit solution for you.

Limitless Energy Group’s Trusted Brands
We offer two brands of solar panels to our clients: the American SunPower Solar Panels and Canadian Solar. Each has its own specific advantages and special features. Here’s how both brands measure up.

SunPower Solar Panels | Best Solar Panels On The Market
If you want the best a renewable energy company in Melbourne has to offer, then look no further than these SunPower solar panels. But what makes them so great?

SunPower Panels are the most efficient brand available to Melbourne residents, and that means you can draw more power with fewer panels. Not only that, they’re some of the most durable and reliable panels, so clients won’t have to worry about a bit of precipitation wearing them down.

However, all these wonderful advantages come with a formidable price tag – SunPower tends to cost more than its relatively low-efficiency alternatives. That said, each SunPower solar installation comes with a 25-year warranty, so you’ll more than break even.

Canadian Solar | Cost-Effective Solar Panels In Melbourne

Equipping your residential or commercial space with solar power can be expensive, but we have the perfect solution for clients on a budget. Canadian Solar manufactures panels that are cheap and efficient, which make them an excellent entry point for individuals looking to save a bit of money. However, just because these panels are relatively cheap doesn’t mean you’re getting a low-quality experience. It has a 23% standard efficiency rating, which puts it on the higher end of Tier 1 solar panels. Unlike the more expensive SunPower panels, these have a 12-year warranty period, which is still a fair deal.

So if you’re looking to convert your property to something more environmentally-friendly, check out our Canadian Solar panels for a great bang-for-your-buck.

Why We’re The Best Solar Panel Provider In Melbourne
Limitless Energy Group is an Australian-owned and operated renewable energy company that aims to provide the best possible solutions for residential and commercial projects alike. We specialize in energy efficiency concerns, transforming buildings and lots into environmentally-friendly zones, and custom-fitting solutions for our clients.

But why should you choose us for your solar power needs?

Highly Trained Team
Limitless Energy Group employs a team of talented professionals that covers all the technical requirements of installing a solar power system. We have qualified and skilled engineers, electricians, and project managers who all want to ensure you get the best possible experience. What’s more, all our clients will be able to communicate with us every step of the way, ensuring that your system is exactly the way you want it.

Ethically Sourced And Highly Efficient Panels
We understand that all of our clients have sustainability and a cleaner future in mind when they have their solar panels installed, and we want to support that goal. All of our panels are ethically sourced and produced with lowered emissions in mind. As a result, all our clients can rest assured that all transactions align with sustainable living, from manufacturing to installation.  

Book Your Solar Panel Installation In Melbourne Now!
Everyone needs to do their part for a greener tomorrow, and solar panels are a giant leap in the right direction. Limitless Energy Group can upgrade your existing systems or fit your residence or commercial plot with a brand new one – all you need to do is reach out.

Send us a message to find out how we can help you achieve your sustainability goals!

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Is it worth getting solar panels in Melbourne?

The cost of solar panels has decreased substantially over the past few years, and Melbourne is no different. As a result, it's worth getting solar panels for any house in Melbourne. It will help you highly reduce electric outages as well as bills. Moreover, it's great for the environment and has no side effects at all.

How much does a solar system cost in Melbourne?

The cost of solar panels in Melbourne depends on various factors including the size of your house as well as the number of solar panels required accordingly. A single set of solar panels is roughly $3,000 - $4,000, and it's worth installing them yourself. (Note: It may be less expensive to buy a set than pay the installation fee.)

How long do solar panels last?

The average life of a single solar panel is 18-20 years. After that, the solar panels will no longer produce energy, while they will still provide some of their outgoing energy to your home. Although single panels may stop producing power after 20 years, they still are great investments that serve you well for such a long time.



Solar can be confusing. Take the guesswork out.

Compare Products

Solar can be confusing. Take the guesswork out.

Compare Products

Solar can be confusing. Take the guesswork out.

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