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The best way to beat sweltering summers and freezing winters is with Limitless Energy Group’s comprehensive heating and cooling solutions. Our highly skilled team has over 20 years of residential and commercial experience, making us one of the most dependable providers in Melbourne.

If you want an affordable system that keeps you and your family comfortable no matter the season, contact us today to get a free quote on your heating and cooling project!

Types Of Heating & Cooling Systems We Offer

From central to multi-split, there are many different heating and cooling systems to keep your home or office well-insulated throughout the year. Here are the solutions we can provide for your property:

Central Systems

As its title suggests, our central heating systems provide heat to your entire property from a single source. These systems are ideal for families or establishments with furnace rooms, distributing heat through built-in plumbing. Users can have full control over the temperature of each room through separate thermostat settings.

We offer multiple central heating systems, including: ● Warm air heating
● Wet central heating
● Electrical heating
● Ground source heat pumps

Ducted Reverse Cycle Systems

Unlike central heating systems, ducted reverse cycle systems can provide heating and cooling features from a single unit. As a result, users can quickly and easily switch between modes and even reduce dust, pollutants, and contaminants in the air.

Because of their advanced inverter technology, our reverse systems can improve energy efficiency and lower your monthly utility bills. In addition, our systems are highly efficient, produce high-quality air, and are incredibly adaptable.

Multi-Split Systems

Compared to window-type air conditioners, our multi-split systems can power more than one unit at once. They are ideal for homeowners with limited outdoor and indoor ceiling space.

If you want optimised comfort and significant utility bill savings, our multi-split systems can help you save on running costs while providing optimal temperatures all year. Plus, they are easy to install, space-saving, and can provide users with complete control over multiple units.

Hydronic Systems

Nowadays, hydronic systems are becoming a gold standard for many households. So if you want a high-performing unit that is long-lasting and extremely reliable, our hydronic heating systems are the way to go.

Thanks to our units’ air-purifying features, our units are perfect for households with people who have asthma. They are also environmentally friendly and help cut utility costs. These units are ideal for customers who prefer something silent and visually pleasing.

Add-On Cooling

If you want to reap the benefits of additional cooling without replacing your existing gas ducted heating, add-on cooling systems can solve this problem for you. These units connect to a single system and are easy to divide into multiple zones in your home. They are highly effective even in humid conditions and provide year-round comfort as the seasons change.

VRV/VRF Systems

Are you having trouble heating or cooling your larger property? Don’t worry, our VRV and VRF systems allow you to calculate your cooling requirements accurately and use only what you need! These fully automated systems regulate refrigerant use, making your home as energy-efficient as possible.

Unlike your typical HVAC system, VRV/VRF units can redistribute excess heat or cold air into areas that need it. Our units are also modular, so you can purchase them according to your specific heating and cooling needs.

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What We Do | Our Services

At Limitless Energy Group, we don’t just supply top-performing equipment to our customers. We also provide additional services that ensure long-term satisfaction.

Free Inspection

Before we recommend or install a system for your home or office, we sit you down to discuss our available products and your potential problem. Then, we send a Limitless expert to your home to perform an in-depth one-on-one inspection.

During the inspection, we look at your current systems and check for any electrical failures to help you make the best possible decision for your home.


After sitting down to talk about your project, we dispatch a team of highly-trained electricians to install your new unit. We also give it a test run to ensure that everything is functioning as it should.


Are you worried about how your system will react to the changing seasons? Our technicians can service and repair your unit beforehand, preparing you for the upcoming summer or winter.

CO Safety Testing

Some gas leaks are challenging to spot. But, leave them unattended, and you could put your entire family or staff at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. If you suspect a carbon monoxide leak in your property, give our experts a call.

Why Should You Choose Limitless Energy Group?

Limitless Energy Group isn’t the only HVAC provider in Melbourne. However, we are among the best. If you’re looking for someone to equip your home with state-of-the-art heating and cooling systems, here are a few reasons you should choose us.

No-Obligation Consultations

We don’t just want to sell you an expensive unit. We want to make sure you’re investing in a solution that will provide long-lasting results and maximise comfort in your home or office.


Not only do we offer competitive pricing and project estimates, but we make sure your systems provide you with optimal savings in the long run. Through regular maintenance and proper installation, we can help you shave hundreds of dollars off your utility bills every year!

If you have a solar-powered system, consider getting our solar batteries in Melbourne to take advantage of Australian tax credits and incentives.

Expert Consultations

Our team consists of expertly trained and skilled electrical engineers, project managers, and grade-A electricians that can provide you with the appropriate advice. At Limitless, our priority is to make sure our customers are fully informed.

Frequent Upgrades

The heating and cooling industry is constantly evolving, so we do our best to stay up-to-date with the latest technology. Through innovative design and improving strategies, you continue to get the best of our tailor-made solutions.

Trusted Brands

Choosing a heating and cooling system may not be as easy as you think. As such, we stock only the best and most trusted brands on the market. Combined with our expert knowledge, you can rest assured that you’re getting the most effective and efficient systems available in the country.

Make The Most Of The Best Heating & Cooling In Melbourne East Suburbs!

Is your home, office, or new commercial property missing the right heating and cooling systems? Our team should be your go-to for energy-efficient units and long-lasting solutions. Contact Limitless Energy Group to get a free quote on your electrical project and work with the best engineers in Melbourne!


How much does a solar HVAC system cost?

Depending on the size, the average cost of a solar HVAC system would likely be over and above $5,000 with extra charges for installations. This system is a lot more advanced than regular systems making it much more expensive, however, it’s totally worth the money because of its great features and outstanding performance.

Can a heat pump run off my solar PV panels?

Yes, they can! A heat pump uses a variable amount of electricity to power a compressor. The amount of electricity required varies with the outside air temperature, and the desired temperature inside. A solar PV power system can supply 100% of the needed electricity for both heating and cooling, they're perfect for your every need.

Can solar panels heat and cool a house?

Yes! Solar panels can run both heating and cooling systems. Your choice of solar panel will determine the system you choose to run. A few examples include: 

  • A photovoltaic system to power your air-conditioner  
  • A solar thermal system to provide heating and hot water
  • Both air-conditioning and solar PV panels in combination

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