Solar Batteries Melbourne

Efficiently Store Your Solar Energy In Melbourne

Whether or not you are connected to a power grid, solar batteries can keep your household running during unexpected blackouts. As Melbourne’s leading provider in solar energy, Limitless Energy Group provides only state-of-the-art solar batteries that you can depend on.
If you want to save on your utility bill while reducing grid dependence, contact us today to get a free quote on your solar project!

Our Solar Battery Systems & Services

If you experience prolonged blackouts, our solar batteries and services can help keep your systems online.

Tesla Powerwall 2

If you prefer an all-in-one energy management system with solar panels and storage, the Tesla Powerwall 2 is for you. Our rechargeable home battery system makes energy available on-demand, powering your home during the day and night.
Contact us for the latest Tesla Powerwall 2 price in Melbourne.

LG Chem

Do you live in a rural area or mobile home? If so, our LG Chem modular systems may better suit your energy-storing needs. Connect multiple packs to achieve higher yields and keep your home powered even during long outages. Our units are easy to mount on walls or floors, storing lots of energy on overcast days.

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for the latest Tesla Powerwall 2 price in Melbourne.

Redback Smart Hybrid System

Our Australian-designed and tested Redback hybrid systems are the best of the best. They are ideal for storing energy in single-phase homes with a regular-sized HVAC system and standard appliances. For households on a budget, the Redback Smart Hybrid System is an investment that can save you hundreds of dollars in the long run.

Contact us for the latest Tesla Powerwall 2 price in Melbourne.

Installation & Repair

Limitless Energy Group isn’t just the top supplier of solar needs in Australia. We perform high-quality installations and can service your systems whenever you need them.

Solar Battery Rebate Victoria

We understand that solar systems are a significant investment. So to help you save on your brand-new system, Limitless Energy Group can write you down for the Victoria Solar Battery Rebate. Through this Australian solar homes program, you can get a sale discount of up to $4,174.

Solar can be confusing. Take the guesswork out.

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Why Choose Solar Batteries From Limitless Energy Group?

At Limitless Energy Group, we provide the broadest range of solar solutions that help you remain grid-independent and significantly reduce your utility bills. Here are a few other reasons we stand out against the rest.

No-Obligation Consultations

Not sure solar batteries are for you? We want our clients to make the most informed decisions possible. Book an appointment with us today, and we’ll tell you everything you need to know about solar batteries.

Professional Installation

Our highly-trained solar installers ensure that your solar systems can achieve their maximum potential. We have worked on hundreds of successful projects and can promise the same top-notch quality every time.

After-Sales Support

Though our solar batteries are easy to maintain, some of them might need tune-ups to improve efficiency. Give us a call for any repairs or general check-ups your solar system might need.

Store Your Excess Energy With Our Solar Batteries Today!

If you want to work with the best solar panel installers in Melbourne, look no further than Limitless Energy Group. We stock a wealth of solar products that can turn your home self-sufficient instantly!

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Solar energy reduces your reliance on grid energy, providing you with significant cost savings and emissions reductions. The ROI from solar is compelling. Talk to us today about your business case and we'll provide you with energy solutions that make a difference.