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Power-hungry air conditioners can make a significant dent in your monthly utility bills, especially under the sweltering Australian heat. If you want to cut on power costs while keeping your household comfortable throughout the summer, Limitless Energy Group can help!
Our solar air conditioning systems can keep you cool all day, even without any grid connection. Contact us today to get started on your energy-saving installation.

Solar Air Conditioning Melbourne | Our Services

At Limitless Energy Group, we stock two different systems to suit various needs. Here are the solar air conditioning solutions we provide.

Hybrid System

Our hybrid air conditioning systems are ideal for households that need to reduce their energy bills significantly. They are easy to maintain and provide hyper-fast payback! These systems function without batteries, an inverter, or a controller. Simply plug them in and enjoy immediate utility savings.

Off-Grid System

Does your area experience frequent power outages? If so, our off-grid systems are for you. These solar air conditioners function well in remote areas, container houses, mobile homes, and far-off islands. Equip them with a sturdy battery, and you’ll be good to go.

Off-Grid Batteries

Naturally, your off-grid air conditioning system will require off-grid batteries. We supply standalone off-grid power solutions that are easy to use and keep your system running – even when your grid is offline.

Installation & Repairs

Our accredited technicians perform a complete installation and test run to ensure you reap your system’s maximum potential. We deploy experts who have undergone training with the Clean Energy Council and meet Australian Standards AS477.

Is your system not functioning how it should? We can also perform comprehensive repairs to bring your system back up to speed.

Solar can be confusing. Take the guesswork out.

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Why Choose Our Solar Air Conditioning Solutions?

Nowadays, you won’t find any shortage of companies that stock state-of-the-art solar air conditioning systems. But we can give you a few reasons why Limitless Energy Group provides the best heating and cooling systems in Melbourne.

Free Consultation & Quote

Solar air conditioning systems don’t come cheap. To help you save on costs and fully understand the investment you’re making, we provide free consultations and transparent quotes. During our meeting, you’ll learn all about how you can benefit from our solar systems.

High-Efficiency Performance

When it comes to our solar air conditioning systems, you can always count on them to perform. Our monocrystalline panels function at peak productivity even when they are partially shaded. They also come equipped with protective glass film coverings, which keep them highly functional under inclement weather.

Ongoing Support

Not only do we provide complete installation services, but we also offer ongoing support to our loyal customers. Our qualified customer service agents are available to help 24/7. Whatever you need, from maintenance to repairs, Limitless Energy Group can provide it.

Get Solar Air Conditioning From Limitless Energy Group Today!

If you’re ready to experience year-round comfort and reduce your utility bills significantly, book a free consultation with Limitless Energy Group today! We promise high-efficiency systems that provide long-lasting solutions for your residence or office building.


How much does a solar air conditioner cost?

It all depends on how large your air conditioning unit is. If it’s a central cooling unit or just a single unit that is enough to cool one room. This is important because it helps determine how many panels are required. The cost would likely begin at $4,000 and increase from thereon.

Can an air conditioner run on solar energy?

Absolutely, air conditioners are solar-powered in plenty of places. This is because they are high-consumption devices that demand a lot of electricity to be used. And no one likes the sight of a massive bill. While a solar AC installation could be a heft purchase, it does save you a lot of money in the future.

Is solar AC worth it?

Yes, in long term, a solar AC saves you a lot on that electricity bill. Installing one could cost you a few thousand Dollars depending on the size and purpose of the AC. However, once it has been installed, you should expect lesser and lesser digits on that electricity bill.

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Solar energy reduces your reliance on grid energy, providing you with significant cost savings and emissions reductions. The ROI from solar is compelling. Talk to us today about your business case and we'll provide you with energy solutions that make a difference.