What size solar system do I need?

Friday, May 20, 2022

The sun is a powerful and renewable energy source that can improve the lives of living beings. If you are a homeowner then you will likely install the solar panels. Natural resources influence multiple factors in human life. It provides efficient energy that generates a large amount of electricity. Have you ever wondered what size of the solar system do I need? It is quite challenging to select the most efficient and appropriate size for the solar system. You will find that calculations play a vital role in selecting the suitable size of the solar system.  

Constraints for solar system installation 

Many factors influence solar system installation. It is quite essential to project the constraints and prepare a plan that suits your requirements. You should concentrate on the major factors for solar size consideration.  

● Focus on budget constraints - It is a very important factor for stability in your financial condition. You should perfectly plan the budget before solar installation. It is of no benefit to go over budget for a particular size.  

● Space constraints - You should analyse and consider the space for the solar system setup. The solar system requires sufficient and suitable space for setup.  

● Sun exposure - It also affects the size of the solar system. The limited sun exposure limits the size and electricity generation for a particular residence.  

You will find the orientation of the array, product efficiency and performance degradation that affect the consideration of solar system size.

Estimate the energy consumption 

If you identify the energy usage limit of your residence then it is easy to know what size of system do I need for my house? It is best to calculate the kWh usage of the house. You can get the kWh usage amount from the electricity bill. You should also determine the peaks and reduction in the electricity consumption.  

Find or calculate the average kWh by adding it for 12 months and dividing it by 12 for the average monthly kWh consumption. You will get the daily kWh usage by dividing the monthly kWh usage by 30.   

Is a 6.6 kW solar system big enough? 

The 6.6 kW of solar system can fulfil all the household needs and bring the electricity usage to zero. You can produce endless energy with the 6.6 kW of the solar system. It is quite efficient and bigger as it contains 24 panels. It can solve all the issues of electricity consumption. If you are thinking or planning to add a solar battery to the system then the 6.6 kW is a bigger system as it requires more space for installation.  

How do I know what size solar system to buy? 

The size determination largely depends on the efficiency of the solar system. You have to consider various factors to calculate the size of the solar system. The solar system sizing requires the daily kWh energy divided by the peak sun hours for the kW output. Then you can divide the kW output by the panel’s efficiency. It allows you to determine the number and size of solar panels you need for your residence. You can buy a solar system that has an accurate number of solar panels with perfect efficiency.

Some companies can provide you with consultancy services. You can confirm it with the professionals. They can assist you with their years of experience and provide guidance related to the size preference of the solar system.  

Is it worth getting a 10kW solar system? 

The higher consumption is prevalent in the urban areas with hotels. You will find that the tenants or the customers tend to utilise more than 40 units per day and the electricity amounts to Rs.10000 monthly. Ensure that you have sufficient space to install 10 kW of the solar system. It requires 60 square metres of an area for the installation of 30 panels each generating 335 Watt of electricity.  

You can go completely using free electricity with no hefty bills. It is worth it to get a 10 kW of the solar system as the government provides higher rebates, tax benefits and subsidies. You can consume the free electricity for about 25 to 30 years over a lifetime.   

How do I calculate how many solar panels I need?  

You can estimate the number of solar panels needed for your household. It can easily be identified from the previous bills. The calculation of the number of solar panels needs multiplication of the hourly energy consumption from the peak sun hours in the region. Then you can divide the resultant output from the panel’s wattage. It provides you with the estimated accurate number of solar panels required.  

Most of the time the solar panel size is also taken into consideration for the accurate calculation for installation.

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