Step-by-Step Guide: Solar Battery Rebate In Victoria In 2024!

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Are you a VIC resident interested in solar energy? Do you want to know how to apply for a solar battery rebate? The Victoria solar incentives available in 2024 have been shown below.

Using electricity from the grid implies expensive utility costs, but solar power has tremendous potential to save money. Customers in Victoria may choose from power rates to meet their individual preferences. Victoria's average electricity rate is 29.28 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh), with peak demand periods seeing costs as high as 50 cents per kWh.

It is possible to save a lot of money on the initial expenditures of your solar PV system by taking advantage of rebates and incentives. Its possible to save money on your electricity bill if you reside in Victoria and follow the advice shared in this article. You'll discover all of the solar rebates and incentives available to Victorians, and how to apply for them. To know how to apply for a solar battery rebate, keep reading.

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1. The rebate for solar panels in Victoria

As a result of the solar panel rebate, homeowners in Victoria may save up to 50% on solar panel purchase and installation costs. The Solar Homes Program still has 25,753 rebates left for solar panels as of January 2024.

A solar panel refund of up to $1400 is available. Solar PV system installation costs may be reduced by taking advantage of four-year interest-free financing.

What's the deal?

First, check with an authorised solar battery rebate in victoria supplier to see whether you're eligible. Solar Victoria has a list of CEC-approved solar suppliers, including Limitless Energy Group. Once a solar supplier applies, an eligibility screening procedure is activated. It is necessary to provide a Rates Notice from the council and evidence of property ownership, identification, and income to support the evaluation.

The solar supplier files a rebate claim and subtracts the value from the cost of the solar PV system if it has been determined that the customer is eligible. After installation, you'll make the final payment to the solar company.

2.    Obtain a written estimate from a licensed solar merchant

Your solar vendor must present you with a written estimate to make an educated selection. When your quotation is submitted to the Solar Victoria Portal, you will be able to begin the online application process. An email from the Portal will tell you that your quotation has been successfully submitted.

Signing a quotation acceptance or paying a deposit without getting confirmation of rebate eligibility is not recommended by Solar Victoria. Verify with your store that any promises are entirely refundable, at the very least.

3. Pre-approval from the provider of the distribution network (DNSP)

To post a quotation and complete the Provider Statement on the Portal, the retailer must first get clearance from the Distribution Network Service Provider (DNSP). DNSPs (domain name service providers) determine whether your solar panels or solar batteries may be linked to the grid.

Read Distributors – what are they, and why are they important? Before applying for pre-approval, applicants should check with their store to see whether export restrictions have been placed. Constraints on solar export may alter your savings, so knowing about them is critical.

4. Acquire your eligibility number and a QR code for verification

You may obtain your quotation through the Portal's notification email to begin your eligibility application. In the Portal, you may pick your retailer's quote and use it as a starting point to determine your eligibility.

Your installer has to scan a unique eligibility number and QR code provided by Solar Victoria after being validated as qualified for your installation to go forward. The facility will not start unless the QR code and eligibility number are provided; the structure will not start.

5. Enough proof is needed to show that you're eligible

The Solar Victoria Portal requires verification of your identification, income, and property ownership, so be sure to have your documents with you when you apply. You will need to supply your DNS provider's pre-approval number or reference number.

You'll need proof of income documents for each owner listed on your local council rates notice. All stated owners must provide evidence of income if the property has more than one owner. There must be evidence of revenue from the same financial year for each said owner if there is more than one. If you have no taxable income during the year, you must sign a Statutory Declaration stating as much (e.g. $0).

6. Plan your setup at step four of the process

Your merchant should be contacted to confirm if you will continue with their quotation and arrange the installation. Your installer must scan the QR code in your eligibility confirmation email on the building. Pay the store after the installation is complete. All deductions, including rebates and loans, are taken out of the total sum herein (if applicable). We will cover the balance.


Is there a government rebate for solar batteries? Take advantage of the current deals with Limitless Energy Group if you want to go solar. Each year, the value of these refunds and incentives decreases. Get in contact with the country's best solar panel and battery installation today.

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