Solar panels Geelong VIC - Cost and Rebate Guide 2024

Friday, April 1, 2022

Homeowners and commercial building owners across Australia are considering going off-grid with solar panel installation. Clean-sourced energy offers exceptional financial and environmental benefits to residential and commercial property owners, including saving maximum on their utility bills and reducing individual carbon footprint. 

The Australian PV Institute's National Survey of PV Power Application in Australia report revealed that almost 360,000 solar systems were installed in 2021. Part of this impressive growth with solar system installation is also because of the solar panels Geelong rebate program that allows homeowners to install tier-one quality solar panels at an affordable price. As the calendar flips to 2024, it is imperative to know what solar rebate for PV panel installation can offer you and how much it will impact the cost of solar panels in Geelong.

In this article, we will cover all the essential aspects of the solar rebate in Geelong 2024and everything the Victorian government has to offer you.

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost in Geelong?

The cost of solar panels in Geelong varies depending on various factors, including location, quality, size of the system, and more. Usually, the solar industry considers the quality and size of the solar system as two critical aspects while determining the cost. A 5kW solar system can usually cost approximately $5,250 in Australia (after applying the rebate). The price of solar panels will differ from one state to another.

Check out the below table to understand the cost of solar panels in Geelong.

Service/ system



Solar cost per KW 



National average cost per KW



3kW solar cost



5kW solar cost



6.6kW solar cost



How Much Does a Solar Panel Cost After Applying VIC Solar Rebate?

The Australian government offers various incentives and rebate programs that encourage homeowners to install solar panels and enjoy low utility bills. Some states have different government rebate programs. Therefore, the solar panel installation charges will vary from state to state. While some states are dependent on the federal government, other states like Victoria are independent as they provide rebates directly to the homeowners. The rebate is granted depending on your state's STC zone and solar system size. 

Here are some examples of solar rebates in Geelong based on the system size.

Solar System Size

Rebate Amount













VIC Government State Rebates

For Solar System:

Due to the recent elections on the labour government in Victoria, there have been several significant changes made to the solar rebates and schemes. Currently, Victoria is the only state in Australia offering incentives and rebates on solar panels, batteries and inverters. Homeowners eligible for VIC solar rebates receive up to 50% rebates, depending on the solar system size installed. For instance, if you plan to install a 3kW solar system, you will get a rebate of $980. If you plan to install a 10kW solar system, you will get a rebate of $4838. 

For Battery Storage:

Homeowners in Victoria installing solar panels can also avail this scheme on battery storage. VIC solar rebate scheme will work out for battery storage in a similar way as solar panels rebate. However, the maximum value will be $ 4,839. 

VIC solar rebate scheme is set to end in 2032. So, Victoria residents should consider installing solar panels and battery storage now!

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