Dos and Don'ts of Solar Panel Maintenance

Thursday, March 23, 2023

Solar panels are unquestionably a worthwhile investment, both from a cost-savings and environmental perspective. But if you want your solar system to operate without a hitch for many years, solar panel maintenance in Melbourne is essential. Although your solar systems come with a warranty, it is still your responsibility to take good care of them and make sure you perform routine solar panel service so you can avoid needless repairs or replacements.

This post is for you if you own solar panels in Geelong and are wondering “how to clean solar panels on roof in Australia”. In this post, we have compiled a list of do’s and don’ts that can help with the maintenance of solar panels and also help you understand how to clean your solar panels in Australia without damaging your solar system.

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But before that, lets us understand.

Why Is Maintenance of Solar Panels Important?

Through routine maintenance of solar panels, you can ensure that your solar panels are working effectively, giving you the maximum benefit. Moreover, you can keep your solar system in check for any damage caused by external factors that need to be addressed by professionals. You can also ensure that your solar batteries in Melbourne are working properly, helping you save on your electricity bill.


1) Regular Cleaning of Solar panels:

Your roof's solar panels are likely to become dirty every day because they are exposed to birds, trees, weather, and other environmental factors. You must routinely clean your solar panels with hose water or use soapy water to remove stubborn stains and dust if you want to be sure they are operating efficiently. Ensure all fallen leaves and branches are cleared so they do not interfere with the solar panels.

2) Regularly Check For Damage

Solar panels can have minor cracks that can lead to malfunctioning your solar system. While doing the maintenance on your solar panels, check for damages like cracks, cut wires, hot spots, etc.

3) Schedule Professional Maintenance

While routine solar system maintenance is crucial, you should also plan a professional maintenance check to ensure your solar system is operating as it should and that there are no hidden issues. Additionally, if necessary, this can assist in quick repairs.

4) Properly Adjust Your Solar Panels

Make sure that your solar panels are properly facing the sun and aren’t shadowed by surrounding trees, If you do not have enough knowledge or can’t adjust your solar panels by yourself, then it is best to seek assistance from a professional solar company in Melbourne.


1) Do Not Use Hard Materials for Cleaning

Harsh chemicals can destroy your solar panels and degrade their efficiency for working. Use normal water pressure and light materials for cleaning your solar panels. You can ask a professional installer which cleaning products you can use.

2) Don’t Ignore Any Damages or Warning Signs

You must get in touch with your solar installer immediately if you see any cracks or damaged parts on your solar panels. By ignoring any damage or warning signs, you risk damaging the entire solar system, which will cost you more to fix or replace.

3) Don’t Attempt Any Repair Without Professional Help

It is advisable not to attempt DIY solar panel repairs as you can end up causing additional damage and raising the expense of solar panel repair.

4) Do Not Place Any Objects on or near Your Solar Panels

For solar panels to function properly, they must be completely exposed to UV rays, so you must make sure that nothing is placed on or next to the solar panels. Additionally, things can damage your solar panels, so ensure they are free of random objects.

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