Do Solar Panels Work on Cloudy Days?

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Australia experiences sunshine almost throughout the year. Homeowners are now incliningmore toward clean-sourced energy - solar, rather than using an off-grid system.The reasons are obvious - you get to save thousands on your electricity billwhile saving the environment. The best part about installing solar panels in Australia is that thecountry experiences the most powerful sun rays, even on cloudy days. Mostresidents and commercial business owners in Australia enjoy warmer temperaturesand sunny days in colder months than anywhere else in the world, making thecountry the best location to install solar power systems. However, experiencing100% sunshine every day is uncertain with changing weather conditions andinevitable cloudy days. But do solar panels work on cloudy days?

 In thisarticle, we will discuss the factors that can affect the performance of yoursolar PV panel.

 Let'sfirst understand

 Is Solar Power Right For You?

 In recentyears, the solar industry has experienced an evident surge in manufacturing and selling solar panels. According to research, 21% of homeowners in Australiahave installed solar PV panels on their rooftops, and the numbers areincreasing each day. If you want to install a solar power system in your home,you might want to understand its energy production capacity. However, theenergy production capacity of your solar panel system will depend on variousfactors. To name some:


●       The size of your system

●       Location

●       Roof orientation

●       Shading

●       Daylight hours

●       Sunlight

●       Weather condition


Solar Panel Performance and Weather Conditions

 When itcomes to solar systems, sunlight plays a pivotal role in producing optimalenergy. The sunshine hours at your location will determine the size of thesolar power system needed and how much energy it will produce. Let's understandhow weather conditions can affect the performance and energy generation ofsolar systems.

 1. Cloudy Weather

 Do solarpanels work on cloudy days? To answer your question - Yes! Solar panels canfunction in grey weather conditions but not efficiently. Cloudy weather willreduce the amount of sunlight reaching your solar panels, affecting theirenergy production and performance. A solar PV system can generate around 25% to45% of the energy on a cloudy day. However, tier-one quality solar panels canabsorb ample sunlight, thus working better and efficiently on cloudy days.

 2. Fog 

Thecondition and type of fog in your location can determine your solar panel'sperformance and energy production. Most solar panels can work at 50% efficiencyduring foggy conditions. If the fog or mist rolls of the sea into your areafrom mid-morning to late afternoon, then your solar panel can rack up energy atan increased rate. The primary reason is that solar panels can be moreefficient at cooler temperatures than hotter ones. 

3. Rain 

Do solar panels work in the rain? To a certain extent, yes. Yoursolar panel can generate energy in the rain but will not work efficiently. Thereason is that solar panels require an ample amount of sunlight to produceenergy. During rainy conditions, your solar panels will generate energy at alower rate than during daylight hours. Most solar power systems can onlygenerate approx 10% to 25% energy of their actual capacity rate. 

Is Solar Worth Installing? 

Supposeyou are considering installing a solar PV system. In that case, you need tounderstand that losing a few KWH on a cloudy day or other weather conditionswill not affect its overall performance and energy production. You will stillbe able to enjoy clean-sourced energy for the rest of the year. 

AtLimitless Energy, we help residents and commercial business owners savethousands on their utility bills by installing tier-one quality solar panels in Melbourne. Our solarinstallers provide expert advice on solar system installation and other solarqueries. To discuss your solar needs, talk to one of our professional solarinstallers at 1300 616 111 today.

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