5 Questions You Must Ask Your Solar Company

Monday, September 13, 2021

Installing a robust solar panel system on your property is one of the most significant decisions. As a homeowner or commercial business owner, you need to gain access to all the relevant information about choosing the suitable solar PV system from the right installer.

Apart from offering some amazing financial and environmental benefits, installing a solar panel system can be simple and easy. All you have to do is choose a solar installer that can execute the correct installation and offer you quality post-installation maintenance as well as customer service. 

Having years of experience in installing tier-one quality solar PV systems and offering leading green energy solutions to residential and commercial property owners, here at Limitless Energy Group, we believe in offering honest, clear communication with our customers. As one of the best solar companies in Melbourne, we ensure that customers are satisfied and happy with their solar installation through our quality customer service. 

Here are some of the most crucial solar energy questions you should ask your potential installers when considering solar system installation. 

1. How Are You Planning for My Solar Design Proposal? 

Before saying yes to your solar installation, it is vital to understand how the solar installer has planned or designed a proposal for your home. Since solar installers are experts at installing solar PV systems, you might want to ask them to go over the proposal they have designed for your property. Ask them several questions about solar installation: 

● Why is the solar product the right fit for my property?

● What materials are you using for solar installation?

● Where on your roof/property the solar panels will be located?

● How much energy will the solar panels produce?

● What factors can hinder the performance of my solar panel?

● Will the solar installation placement ensure I receive enough energy?

● Can the solar product fulfil my cost-saving expectations and energy consumption needs? 

Solar installers can also help you understand some technical jargon and a timeline of your solar installation. 

2. How Much Will I Be Saving with Solar? 

An experienced solar installer will be able to answer your solar queries easily, especially about financial benefits. Licensed solar installers are equipped with vast knowledge of solar and will share with you details around the financial benefits of going solar. Always ask them to provide estimates of your potential energy bills savings and what the annual/monthly utility bills will look like after going solar. 

3. Are There Any Rebates and Government Incentives Available for Me? 

To get the best deal on your solar panel system and return on investment, you need to consider opting for solar rebates and government incentives. Your solar installer should explain to you how solar rebates and government incentives work, how you can be eligible for them, and whether they apply to your property. 

4. Do You Offer Any Warranties on Labour, Materials, and Production? 

After understanding the financial benefits and rebate program, you should ask your solar installer about product specifications on the materials used in the solar panel system. Ask them what warranties they are offering on their labour, panel system materials, and energy production. 

5. How Long Have You Been Around? 

One of the most crucial solar power questions! 

Even the best solar provider in Melbourne will be competing for your business and attention. You would want to choose a solar company who has been in the installation business for years. You have the right to know their level of competency and experience with the solar installation before going ahead with the process. 

We have 20+ years of residential and commercial solar experience, making us one of the most reliable solar companies in Melbourne that offer quality installation services. We value honesty and transparency with customers and offer them the best possible deal on their solar solutions. Call 1300 616 111 to get a free quote today!

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