5 Great Home Energy Saving Tips

Friday, February 12, 2021

Reduce your carbon footprint

Here are some easy, energy saving tips anyone can use in their own life to become more energy efficient and reduce your carbon footprint.

1. Switch off any unused electrical appliances

This can include turning off your heater when no one is in the room.
Turning appliances off at the powerpoint.
Switch off your computers & wifi router when you’re not at home.

2. Use cold water to wash your clothes!

You can save over $100 per year by washing your clothes with cold water
Use the shortest possible washing cycle
Stop using clothes dryers, hang your clothes on the line to dry instead

3. Save energy in your kitchen!

Run your fridge & freezer at its optimal working temperature
Your fridge runs most ideally at 2-5 degrees celsius
Your freezer runs most ideally at -15 to -18 degrees celsius
Let frozen foods defrost naturally the night before instead of using a microwave or stovetop to defrost.
Use your economic settings on your dishwasher to conserve electricity!

4. Compare Energy Retailers

Use Victorian Energy Compare for free to compare offers from more than 20 energy retailers across gas, solar and electricity.
The comparison takes 5-10 minutes and people can expect to save usually over $200 a year by switching providers.

5. Save money with a brand new Solar System

Using solar electricity makes a big impact on your electricity bill
You can avoid buying energy from your retailer by making your own!
Speak with an expert from Limitless and see how we can help your home or business become more energy efficient

Home Energy Saving Tips
Great new install from the team at Limitless

By taking actionable steps towards lowering your carbon footprint, you will naturally begin to see more savings when it comes to your energy usage and expenditure. Consider speaking with an expert from Limitless to see how best we can help.

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