5 Common Commercial Solar Installation Mistakes

Thursday, January 20, 2022

Over the past few years, more and more commercial businesses are in clining towards sustainable energy consumption; of which solar systems are the first choice for commercial aspects of living. Most businesses in Australia are now ditching their typical off-grid electrical system and adapting to efficient solar energy solutions. Investing in solar is the smart decision to reduce the use of fossil-fueled electricity and save thousands on monthly/quarterly/annual utility bills.  

However, going solar is still a big decision for most business owners. Installing the right solar system requires extensive research, product considerations, quality, and more. If you are on the route to installing solar PV panels in your commercial premises, you might want to consider avoiding these five commercial solar mistakes

5 Commercial Solar Mistakes

1. Considering Price Over Quality 

Prioritising price over quality of solar panels can cost you a fortune in the future. Most commercial business owners consider installing the cheapest solar panels to reduce their installation cost and save maximum on their utility bills. However, such cheap and low branded solar panels don't provide a suitable warranty and may eventually stop functioning after a time,resulting in costly repairs. When it comes to electrical equipment, always remember - cheap is expensive. Investing in a top-tier quality solar panel from a trusted, leading brand will ensure you have installed PV panels that generate maximum energy works efficiently and help you save thousands on your utilitybills

2. Choosing Wrong Installers 

Apart from considering premium quality solar PV panels, you should choose experienced and knowledgeable solar installers for your commercial solar installation. Most commercial business owners make the mistake of choosing solar installers with limited or no experience with solar and don't install branded solar panels. Poorly installed solar panels can result in costly repair and inefficient energy generation. Therefore, you should always consider choosing a solar company with years of experience and extensive knowledge of solar solutions. Most solar installers also provide support even after installation. 

3. Not Considering The Stats 

The main objective of installing a solar system in commercial premises is to save maximum energy bills and cut down operating costs. Most solar installers consider this objective while providing you with an upfront solar quote and closing the deal. While an upfront quote on solar installation is essential, you should consider the saving or ROI you will receive over the life of solar panels. Most business owners tend to focus on the upfront expenses rather than the ROI on the solar system. You can always ask your solar installers for the approx saving on utility bills and ROI with solar PV panels over the lifetime. By doing so, you will be able to make the best, most-informed decision for your business. 

4. Not Taking Advantage of Incentives 

To obtain considerable ROI on your commercial solar panel installation, you should consider taking advantage of incentives provided by the Australian government. These incentives and schemes allow you to install solar panels at a reduced cost and enjoy clean, free energy. You can increase your ROI even further by using Small-scale technology certificates, Large-scale technology certificates, and Feed-in Tariffs. Make the most of your commercial solar installation through incentives. 

4. Not Considering Solar Panel Warranty

Another critical aspect to consider while commercial solar installation is the warranty. Always check for the warranty of solar panels a sit will help you determine how long the panels will be efficient and work optimally. Most leading solar brands offer a warranty between 10 to 25 years. Make sure you check with your solar installers for the warranty on solar PV panels. 

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At Limitless Energy Group, we help commercial businesses make an informed decision by installing tier-one quality solar solutions with exceptional efficiency and warranty. Call us on 1300 616 111 to know more about our commercial solar options and how they can benefit your business.

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