4 Reasons Why You Should Hold Off Installing Solar Panels on Your Roof

Thursday, November 25, 2021

Around one in five Australian households have already installed solar systems, and the number is growing with each passing day. One of the prime reasons for such sudden growth is the irresistible benefits solar provides - reducing energy bills and limiting individual CO2 footprint. When you plan to install solar panels on your rooftop, you are also contributing towards a sustainable future. However, with such fuss about solar systems, understanding whether or not installing them in your home is an economical choice can be challenging and confusing. 

If you are contemplating "should I get solar panels installed", then this resourceful article will guide you through. Learn whether or not solar is the right choice for you. 

1. Limited Roof Space 

Solar PV panels are usually installed on your rooftop. Therefore, you must ensure your property has a good amount of roof space for solar panel installation. One of the prime reasons to install solar panels on the rooftop is because of the best surface space and sun exposure. An adequate amount of surface space for solar panels will ensure seamless installation and optimal energy performance. A typical 2kW solar system - also the smallest solar system - comes with eight panels, where each panel is approximately 1.7m tall by 1m wide. Even the smallest solar system will not work out for terrace houses or properties with limited roof space. If you are living in a terrace house or have a limited roof, solar system installation will not be your best decision. 

2. Inadequate Sunlight 

Solar PV panels completely rely on the sun energy - it produces power by absorbing sunlight. While having a good amount of roof space plays a pivotal role in the installation, having adequate sunlight ensure optimal energy production. If your property is surrounded by high-rise buildings or tall trees, your solar panel wouldn't receive an adequate amount of sunlight to generate electricity and fulfiling daily energy needs. Such obstacles can only hinder solar panels performance, resulting in the worst economic choice. Therefore, always check whether your property has a good amount of sunlight. If not, then don't consider installation. 

3. Low Daytime Energy Usage 

Solar PV panels work exceptionally well during the daytime. The reason being solar panels are designed to absorb sunlight and generate power. If you want to make the most of the solar system and enjoy low energy bills, you should use it during the day. Using solar energy during peak sunlight hours ensures all your energy needs are fulfiled. In case no one is home during the day, you shouldn't install a solar system on your property. However, we do recommend the installation of a robust solar battery that can store excess energy produced by the PV panels during the day.  

4. Small Energy Bills 

One of the primary benefits of installing solar systems is reduced energy bills. By installing solar systems, you can expect an almost 70%-80% drop on your average monthly/quarterly/annual utility bill. But what if you use limited power and receive small energy bills? In that case, solar is not meant for you. If your energy bills are under $250 a quarter and most of your family members use it at night, solar systems can save you approx $100 per quarter. Suppose you are buying a 2kW solar system for $3,500. In that case, the best return on your money will be anywhere between 8 to 9 years. A solar system can only offer immediate returns of investment if you have higher utility bills and great energy usage per day. 

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