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How does a solar system work?

A solar system is composed of solar panels that are mounted on the roof with electrical wiring and an inverter. During the day from sunrise to sunset, the solar panels will generate Direct Current (DC) which is sent to the inverter. The inverter will then convert the DC into Alternate Current (AC) for your common household appliance use.

What is an inverter and do I need one?

Yes, you will need an inverter for your solar system.

An inverter converts the Direct current (DC) power from the solar panel to Alternating current (AC) power to the household. The inverter will also export any excess power back into the electricity grid.

What system size will I need to run my home?

The solar panel system size will depend on several factors, including:

How many panels will fit on your roof
Your budget
Your electricity bill (how much on average your household uses per day)

Speak to a Limitless expert about figuring out your needs and requirements before getting solar today!

Is my home suitable for a solar system?

There are several aspects that will need to be evaluated to determine if your home is a good solar site. These aspects include orientation, space available, shadows on the space available and your current electricity usage.

Reach out and speak with a friendly expert consultant from Limitless Energy Group if you're still concerned.

Will my solar system work at night?


Solar panel systems work during the day to produce power for your home. At night, there is not enough sunlight to sustain operation and as a result, your solar power system will turn off when the sun is down and then resume work in the morning.

If I get solar, do I still need electricity from the Grid?

Your solar system will generate electricity during peak daylight hours and any electricity that is not consumed during this time will be sold back to the grid. When your solar system is not working during the night or bad weather, you will draw electricity back from the grid. You will also withdraw electricity from the grid during the day time if you require more electricity than what your system is producing.

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Will solar panels be able to withstand extreme weather conditions?

Solar panels are designed to withstand harsh weather climates, from extreme heat to freezing cold.

What happens to a solar system during a blackout?

When a black out occurs, your solar panel system will stop producing electricity automatically due to safety reasons. This is a mandatory requirement to protect technicians working in the area. Your system will resume once the grid is back up.

How often should a service be completed?

Most Australian retailers and distributors recommend that servicing should be conducted annually by a professional, qualified CEC accredited electrician.

What are STC's?

Small-Scale Technology Certificates (STCs), are federal government incentives to assist in reducing the upfront costs of installing your Solar PV System. The value of STCs that your system receives in dependant on its size and location. In order to be eligible for STCs, your solar system must be installed by a Clean Energy Council accredited installer – which is the case for all our installers here at Limitless Energy Group.

Further information on STCs, can be found at the Clean Energy Regulator website or you can download the Clean Energy Council guide for households or businesses.

What are LGC's?

LGC stands for large-scale generation certificate. In short, these certificates are a kind of currency for buying and selling renewable energy. LGC's can be sold to energy retailers, which have obligations to buy them under the Renewable Energy (Electricity) Act 2000 which you get a return from over a period of time dependant on the retailer.

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What if I have a flat or low-pitched roof?

Solar panel systems can be installed on flat roofs using tilting frames that are installed at an extra expense. A slight pitch is recommended to allow water to runoff and self-cleaning.

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What electrical services do you provide other than just solar?

Our team at Limitless has a wide range of diverse skills, enabling us able to tackle almost any task. We are able to plan, install and maintain electrical wiring systems across a wide variety of environments. From residential, to commerical, to industrial.

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Can you install Airconditioners?

Absolutely! Speak with a friendly team member today about figuring out your options.

How big is Limitless's team?

We have just under 15 talented staff working at Limitless Energy Group which includes office staff, a sales department and two highly qualified in-house CEC accredited electrical installation teams ran by our two lead A Grade Electricians, Damien Bogan and Ryan Denis.

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Where is Limitless's Headquarters?

Our company headquarters is located at 6/138 Indian Dr, Keysborough VIC 3173.

We are open Monday - Friday: 7:00AM - 5:00PM

Our office phone number is: 1300 616 111

Why should I trust Limitless?

Just see what our customers say about us!

Limitless Energy Group is an Australian owned and operated, renewable energy company, specialising in residential and commercial solar installations and energy efficiency strategies.

Limitless Energy Group has more than 20 years of residential and commercial solar experience within the market, making us a company that you can rely on to deliver.

What's your 'newsletter' about?

We provide regular updates on special offers that Limitless has active, subscribing allows you to stay up to date on relevant industry related news and receive 10% off (yes, for free ) any electrical maintenance work unrelated to solar. What great value, all for free?

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