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Solar Solutions catered Specific to You.

Limitless has an extensive range of small, medium and large scale commercial solar experience that extends across a wide variety of commercial settings with varying sized arrays from 30kWH up to 1MWH+.

What are the benefits of getting solar?

1. Energy Independence
Reduced Energy Costs
Social & Environmental Brand Enhancement
Reliable & Low Maintenance
5. Great Financing options available
6. Trusted expert advice throughout the entire process

Does Limitless have financing options?

Limitless has partnered with Energy Ease to provide our commercial customers with a range of transparent finance options so that you can make informed decisions about the available finance options.

What industries do you cater your services towards?

Our company has a team with a highly diverse range of skill and expertise. This allows us to fulfill our electrical duties within a wide range of industries. This includes:

1. Education
2. Agriculture
3. Commercial & Industrial
4. Healthcare & Aged Care
5. Sports & Recreation
6. Tourism & Hospitality

If your industry does not fall within anyone of these categories, please do not hessitate to reach out to one of our Limitless experts who will help you with any enquiry you may have.

Engineering solutions
catered specific to Your needs.

We’re more than just a solar company, we provide engineering analysis, energy management and custom solutions catered to your needs.

We have a 3 step process.

1. You - Reach out to one of our Limitless experts
2. We - Supply the 'Limitless Guarantee'
3. Us - Now & Into the future! Congratulations!

Limitless has partnered with Energy Ease!

Limitless has partnered with Energy Ease to provide our commercial customers with a range of transparent finance options so that they can make informed decisions about their finance options.

  • Energy Ease are trusted Australian payment-option providers in the commercial solar energy equipment sector.

  • Energy Ease will guide you through a simple assessment and application process removing any uncertainty and providing pre-approval in less than 5 minutes.

  • A dedicated lending specialist will support you through the process and approved funding will be paid within 48 hours of installation.

The 5-step solution that
your business can rely on



Our experts will consult with you and work on your needs and requirements.


Our engineers will design a tailored made solution that's designed for you.


Our team will walk through our entire design proposal so your well informed.

Grid Approval

Once your company has received pre-approval, we have the go-ahead! 


Professionally installed by our in-house CEC accredited solar installers.

Solar can be confusing. Take the guesswork out.

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