Commercial Solar Panel Melbourne

Commercial Solar Panels in Melbourne

Comprehensive and scalable solar solutions for all business types - from small offices, medium-sized enterprises to large organisations. 

At Limitless Energy Group, we provide tier-one commercial solar systems in Melbourne for all business types. Our team of solar experts will assist your business with managing the energy spend, reducing utility bills, enhancing the sustainability credentials, and achieving energy freedom.

Commercial Solar Installation in Melbourne - Limitless Energy Group

Over the past few years, a large number of people are opting for green life and sustainable energy consumption, of which one of their best choices is considering solar installation in their properties - for both residential and commercial purposes. Considering the benefits of solar installation, most businesses in Australia are now shifting from their off-grid electrical systems to scalable solar energy solutions.  

Keeping the zero downsides of environmental impact in mind, investing in solar systems can be one of the smartest decisions for businesses to eliminate the use of fossil-fueled electricity grids and save hundreds if not, thousands of dollars! Considering solar can help businesses to offer commitment to their customers and employees by reducing individual carbon emissions and promising them a green, sustainable life. 

- At Limitless Energy Group, we appreciate the thoughtful decision of those businesses who want to lessen their environmental impact on the planet and ensure the use of green products - right from switching to eco-friendly disposable cups to using solar energy. We extend our support to such businesses by offering tier one quality commercial solar panels installation and related solutions. 

- As an Australian owned and operated renewable energy company, we have a strong focus on solar energy technologies and ensure mindful installation. Having 20+ years of experience in the solar industry, we can provide quality commercial solar solutions to businesses of various industries across Australia. 

- We are qualified to Australian Standards, and our best-practice approach means we are also fully qualified and accredited members of Australia’s Clean Energy Council (CEC). All of our tradesmen are fully licensed and qualified to perform the solar installation for your commercial property. 

If you have queries related to our commercial solar installations or want to know more about other solar products like solar batteries in Melbourne, call us on 1300 616 111.

Commercial Solar Solutions For Small and Large Businesses

Managing the costs and expenses of a business can be a challenging task, especially when several factors come into the picture. However, one of the most critical factors for managing costs in any business is the soaring high utility bills. One of the smartest ways to get rid of your soaring high electricity bill is by generating your own power and securing your business’s future with superior quality, high output solar PV systems.

As a renewable energy company in Melbourne, Limitless Energy Group can help you take control of your electricity costs and make them less variable to your budget. With our commercial solar system and energy reduction plan, businesses will leverage clean energy supply at a minimal cost.

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Our commercial solar solutions assist businesses to reduce their baseload electricity consumption and guarantee saving on their energy bills. 

Every business needs electricity to operate, so why not improve and secure your business's future?

Why Choose Us For Your Commercial Solar Needs?

Quality Guarantee - We offer high-quality solar products designed to outlast the toughest conditions at a cost-effective rate. 

Government Incentives
 - Through our robust solar solutions, businesses across Melbourne can leverage the state and federal incentive programs and save maximum on their utility bills. 

Substantial ROI - We offer comprehensive solar solutions that are robust, reliable, and efficient enough to deliver real ROI to your business.

Professional Advice
 - We offer professional and in-depth solar advice to businesses and help them understand how and when to use their power for better energy efficiency. 

Tailored Solution - We use your current energy usage data to design and tailor the right solar solution that meets your energy needs and business goals. 

Reduce Carbon Emission Fulfil commitment to your customers and employees by reducing CO2 emissions with our solar solution.

Is Your Business Ready To Go Solar?

At Limitless Energy Group, we are dedicated to supporting local commercial businesses in Melbourne and ensuring limitless satisfaction and peace of mind. Call us on 1300 616 111 to know more about our commercial solar solutions and how they can benefit your business. We also offer robust residential solar panels in Melbourne to help homeowners save on their electricity bills.

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Are Commercial Solar Panels Worth It?

The answer here is a big YES. Solar panels have become the cheapest source of energy for commercial premises. They have a much higher value than in normal homes and it is very easy for businesses to generate extra income by essentially saving up on energy. They also make great alternatives for energy-sensitive businesses where power is needed 24/7.

What Is The Price Of A Commercial Solar Panel?

The average cost for a 10 kW commercial solar panel is between $7,000 to $8,000. If you're looking to power up a smaller business place then commercial solar panels that produce lesser electricity would be ideal. It's best to go to a seller and find what options suit you best.

How Much Does A 100kw Solar System Cost?

The cost of a 100kW solar system in Australia depends on the supplier, the size of the system being installed, and whether or not there are any subsidies involved. For a typical installation, expect to pay around $20 000 to $30 000. This is perfectly fit for large or medium-sized business places.

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Solar energy reduces your reliance on grid energy, providing you with significant cost savings and emissions reductions. The ROI from solar is compelling. Talk to us today about your business case and we'll provide you with energy solutions that make a difference.